Since its inception in 2006, the Lucas Paul Band has always been passionate about the live music experience. Based out of the musical and cultural melting pot which is Ann Arbor, MI, there hasn’t ever been a shortage of resources to learn, improve ourselves, expand our vocabulary, evolve our sound, define our energy, and master the art of having fun on stage.  The talent in this city as well as greater Detroit in general is unparalleled – what a great time it’s been to live, work and play in this part of the globe.


No matter the event, the Lucas Paul Band can accommodate any setting; from basement bars to black tie events, we are your guys. Whether you are getting married, putting on a corporate event, or just want us to crank up the volume in your dive bar, we’ve done it all.  More importantly, we enjoy it all.  Not sure? Just ask any of the countless event coordinators, brides and grooms, and club managers that have hired us in the past. Hiring a live band for your event is a great thing – but hiring the Lucas Paul Band takes it to that next level you didn’t expect it to go.